June 3, 2020


Quality Assurance As A Service (QAAAS) is a Managed service offering from Digital Service Associates. Through this service offering we will be a one stop solution and manage all your quality related requirements. Operationalize is the Keyword for QAAAS, We will ensure that we support to make the certification standards work for you, than making you work for the certification standard.

We operationalize the standard process, so it turns into Business as Usual for you than driving your business towards unnecessary process steps. We believe in Lean business processes and support your organization define and implement the right set of processes that fits your business model and demonstrates compliance to the quality standards and industry best practices

QAAAS will help you to reach standards compliance at your pace, we will be available all through to ensure you have the answers for your questions, share documentation and guidance and extended team members you need when you need them. We define the overall strategic quality road map upon discussion with the leadership.

We will help you stay on target to the roadmap, ensure coordination between your team and the experts from our team providing guidance along the journey. QAAAS utilizes the 5i approach that manages the end-end implementation and maintenance of processes ensuring continuous improvements and high maturity

QAAAS will help you save money and efforts and leverage our expertise, industry best practices, defined processes and utilize our comprehensive implementation approach for you. We combine manual and automated tools and techniques that will bring you to standards compliance with minimum effort, and maximum output.

We ensure that you conform to all the quality standards requirements identified in your strategy. We also provide support during the certification audits and appraisals and ensure success by extensive gap analysis, risk management and guiding your employees for the appraisal/audit . We will provide ongoing support to operate the quality management system and successfully maintain your certification

To find out how our QAAAS services can support your business.