June 3, 2020

Appraisals & Audits

Digital Service Associates makes appraisals and certification audits easier for you. Our vast experience in supporting multiple appraisals and certification audits help you in selecting the right approach tailored to your business .

We have helped many businesses obtain their High Maturity certifications through appropriate guidance and extensive appraisal support and reviews.

Our approach towards the appraisals and audits are pragmatic in nature and we provide enough appraisal / audit support for you to have a successful appraisal and certification audit.

Appraisals & Audits

Gap Analysis
Appraisal Team Support
Evaluation Appraisal
Benchmark Appraisals
Sustainment Appraisals
ISO Certification Audits
Internal Auditing

CMMI Appraisals are designed to help your organization identify operational strengths and weaknesses.  They are designed to analyze your organization for the extent to the process implementation and provide you with appropriate feedback/ratings While Evaluation appraisals are  more of a gap finding exercise in nature and help you prepare for the Benchmark appraisals which is a rigorous appraisal that results in assignment of rating

We can help you throughout the appraisal process be in Evaluation, Benchmark or Sustainment appraisals  . We have a pool of CMMI Authorized Lead Appraisers and experienced Appraisal Team Members to provide a required service to our customers. We also offer all the CMMI related services in different countries with our partner network.

We will support you by conducting a gap analysis and provide you with the snapshot of where your processes stand in comparison to the CMMi Model. This may give basic information on the process maturity levels, strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvements and other suggestions. This analysis will provide a quick snapshot of areas to focus and we can also provide with a plan on how you can address the weaknesses and areas of improvements.

We understand that appraisal may be stressful especially for the appraisee. We provide Appraisal preparation services that will help you throughout the appraisal process, this shall include services supporting appraisal planning, selecting artifacts, guidance to appraisee etc

Our team of certified Appraisal Team Members can provide ATM support for your appraisals. ATMs are experienced, qualified and CMMI certified individuals who are a part of the appraisal team supporting the Lead Appraiser during the Benchmark appraisal. Our team of ATMs have worked with multiple Lead Appraisers and can provide their support services to ensure a seamless appraisal.

We provide the Evaluation appraisal services lead by a Lead Appraiser , which is a formal appraisal but does not result in a rating (or “level”). This appraisal provides details on the current status of the relative to the CMMI. In particular, the evaluation appraisal will provide you with enough data to determine whether you are likely to succeed in the formal Benchmark Appraisal.

Our team of qualified Lead Appraisers can conduct Benchmark appraisal for your organization and provide the rating of your organization’s level of process performance in reference to the CMMi Model. Benchmark appraisals are a collaborative set of events that include participation by your organization, an executive sponsor, an appraisal team, a licensed CMMI Institute Partner, and a CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraiser.

Planning for your Benchmark appraisal begins months prior to the “onsite” event and is intended to help you meet the performance goals of your organization. Our team and Certified Lead Appraiser will work closely with you, carefully planning and helping you assemble a program that will reduce risk and help you reach your goals.

We also provide support for the Sustainment appraisals. Sustainment appraisals are conducted for some organizations where a Benchmark appraisal was previously conducted and the organization wishes to extend its maturity level rating, with significantly reduced time and costs compared to a Benchmark Appraisal.

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Digital Service Associates has a team of Certified ISO Lead Auditors and has partnered up with accreditation registrars and can provide accredited certification services. We are known for our experience, competence and impartiality in delivering the certification Services. We assess your organization against internationally recognized standards to demonstrate the level of compliance.

We have extensive experience of working with a wide range of industry sectors both within the region and overseas markets. Our services are competitively prices and we help your organization demonstrate best practice management systems. We provide ISO certification Services for

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

ISO 27001:2013— Information Security Management System

ISO 20000-1:2018 – Information technology Service Management

ISO 22301:2019 – Business continuity management systems

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems

ISO 17025:2017 – Testing and Calibration Laboratories

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Digital System Associates helps your organization in the internal assessment of your Quality Management System(QMS) in relation to the requirements of one or more of the quality standard(s), and/or in-house requirements. We can provide and end to end complete internal audit of the entire QMS or a partial audit where the focus is on the specific areas of the quality system.

We provide a systematic and constant monitoring of your existing system, and help our clients achieve consistency as well as continual improvement. The scope of the audit is tailored to specific customer needs and requirements. Our internal auditing services are conducted within your organization and provide an independent review of your systems and processes, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Whether against external standards you wish to adhere to or those that have been mandated by your customers, we provide an unbiased, and objective review summary of your current state.

Through our Internal Auditing services, we review your daily operations with the documented policies and procedures help you to better understand the efficiency of your quality management system implementation. We also help you identify and correct issues that may lead to non-compliance or non-conformance, gaps in your operational process, and reduce wastage of resources.

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